Portuguese food thrives on being simple and generous which allows for the purest of flavors and ingredients to shine unlike any other Mediterranean cuisine.

Through its interaction with the world over the centuries, Portugal has influenced many of the world's cuisines, while at the same time absorbing gastronomic habits from the cultures it has visited.

Purple Carrots is a new cookbook of Portuguese recipes which are true to the traditional dishes of this great nation, but also delve into dishes influenced by Portugal in distant lands. Included are exciting new interpretations of Portuguese dished and ingredients. 

Using ingredients you're likely to have in your pantry, Purple Carrots focuses on delivering uncomplicated dishes which look and taste great. With over 270 pages of 90+ recipes and fabulous glossy photos of both the food and the Portuguese scenery, this book is sure to please. 

Purple Carrots is an essential collection for those devoted to the love of cooking.

The food of our adoptive home thrives on its simplicity, on the purest of flavour combinations. Produce from the land and from the sea combine to create a Mediterranean style cuisine that may not be as well known as those of its counterparts, but which in no way lacks in originality and depth of flavour. In our two-woman quest to promote this oft-ignored nation of deep-rooted culinary traditions, we have delved into the gastronomic experiences we have enjoyed in the many years we have been lucky enough to live in Portugal. Portugal was responsible for bringing ingredients and culinary traditions to the far-flung corners of the globe and at the same time responsible for introducing gastronomic habits into Europe, brought back from its travels.

Every day living here influences the way we cook, the way we look at food. This colourful environment of quality basic ingredients, unique recipes, stunning landscapes and incredible people inspires us endlessly, colouring our own cooking style, just as Portugal did when it arrived in distant lands, or when it returned, loaded down with new techniques and ingredients.

Of course we also add something of our past and present; of our upbringings, our homeland, and our professions. We add our experiences elsewhere, away from Portugal, in extensive travels where our endless fascination for cooking has helped develop a repertoire of techniques and flavours that can only enhance the way we cook. And finally, the now, in which, out of habit and of love, we avidly follow the latest developments in the culinary scene, both locally, by visiting a restaurant someone has recommended, or a new outlet just opened, and further afield.

About Purple Carrots


Linda’s wanderlust may be due to her birthplace on the other side of the globe – New Zealand. After such exotic beginnings, Linda stuck to her Dutch heritage, growing up in Holland. Her mother was a talented lady. Unfortunately her talent never made it past the kitchen door, and so as soon as she could (at the age of seven) Linda took over the cooking reins, much to relief of her family. Eager to learn, Linda soaks up her gastronomic environment, wherever she may be. Wherever she travels the world as part of her profession as a designer, her first port of call is the local food and what she can learn from it. Portugal became her home in part because of its food, but also because of the weather and the unconstrained lifestyle possible. A pillar of calm and control in the kitchen, Linda finds a real sense of peace when experimenting with ingredients and testing the new flavours she has just discovered. Enjoying nothing more than being asked for a recipe after feeding friends, it was only logical that Linda create a cookery book.


About the Authors


Our style and the recipes we have developed over the years reveal our personal vision of Portuguese and Portuguese-influenced cooking, and much more besides. They show just why we fell in love with this country and in its food, and why we think Portuguese cooking deserves a much greater following. The Portuguese themselves, of course, have long been aware of this, but, as a proud people, not keen on blowing their own trumpet, the secret has remained well kept. So we’ll just have to blow it for them!

A new vision of Portuguese and Portuguese-Influenced cooking

Recipes and Stories from Portugal

Annelies, Dutch by nationality, loves delving into local cultures and learning from them. Feeling “truly blessed to be living here”, she moved to Portugal at just 21, and has since formed and raised her family here. She soon realised that food was an integral part of her existence and has surrounded herself with culinary activities throughout her life. Her portfolio features restaurants, renowned cookery workshops and a high-end catering company which she set up in the Algarve 15 years ago. But, beyond her professional life, food is still a passion for Annelies. A firm advocate of everything Portuguese, she is “head over heels” in love with the nation’s cooking traditions with its true and pure ingredients. An aficionado of market shopping and sourcing the finest ingredients, she revels in cooking every day, and being able to bring joy and comfort to family and friends around a long wooden table, preferably in the Algarve’s alfresco climate.

In the Algarve, a popular legend speaks of the humble carrot originating in Portugal, but not in its current form, rather as a purple-coloured variant. The legend insists that the Dutch took this carrot to their homeland and turned it orange! The purple carrot, locally known as the pau roxo (purple stick), can still be found in the Algarve, and they even hold festivals in its honour.

Highlighting the old “assumed” connection between the Algarve and Holland, and the modern-day melting pot of nationalities and communities living in the region, Purple Carrots seemed a fitting title for our book, a colourful portrait of food from the land of explorers and from the lands they explored. Explorers ourselves, albeit Dutch ones, who, independently, travelled the globe and eventually chose Portugal as our home, there are two things that we will always have in common – a love of food and a passion for Portugal. And it is these two loves that provide the foundation to this book.